Deptford.TV Diaries: out now! diaries

Deptford.TV is an audio-visual documentation of the regeneration process of Deptford (South-east London) in collaboration with media lab,,, Liquid Culture and Goldsmiths College.

Since September 2005 we started assembling AV material around the area, asking community members, video artists, film-makers, visual artists and students to contribute statements, feedback and critique of the regeneration process of Deptford.

The unedited as well as edited media content is being made available on the Deptford.TV database and distributed over the wireless network. The media is licensed through open content licenses such as Creative Commons and the GNU general public license.

This book is a compilation of theoretical underpinnings, interviews and written documentation of the project.

Contributors: Adnan Hadzi, Maria X, Heidi Seetzen, James Stevens, Erol Ziya, Bitnik media collective, Andrea Pozzi, Andrea Rota and Jonas Andersson, alongside selected public-license texts from Hakim Bey, Jaromil and Guy Debord.

To order (5 GBP for book, 10 GBP for book & DVD) send an email to, go to OpenMute, Amazon, or download it for free here: is a database film-making project that collectively documents the regeneration process of the Deptford area in South London. It is a project initiated by Adnan Hadzi of the i-love-u collective in collaboration with the Boundless project, the Bitnik media collective, the SPC media lab, Liquid Culture and Goldsmiths College.

The project started assembling AV material about Deptford and the regeneration process in the area in September 2005. It involves local community members, film-makes, artists, students and professonals. All the rough material as well as edited media content is being made available on the database with an open content license such as the creative commons license. is a work in progress that will take place till 2008.