Dorothea.TV, short D.TV, is the media art documentation of the Dorothea.Space – an experimental space on the beautiful island of Gozo. The setting is the Old Mill Room, a space that is over 300 years old. Our aim is to open up a private space to the public & so challenge the idea of ownership; to create an art/hacker space and to offer a residency program.


D.TV functions as an open, collaborative system that facilitates artists, film-makers, researchers and participants of the workshops to store, share, edit and redistribute media The open and collaborative nature of the D.TV project demonstrates a form of shared media practice in two ways: audiences become producers by managing their material, and the system enables the contributors to organise their productions and interact with each other.

This research operates in the context of a European political discourse, where the main concern is counter-cultural approaches to non-mandatory collaboration and contractual agreements. FLOSSTV (Free, Libra, Open Source Software TV) covers a broad range of practices, from television via documentary up to media arts productions.

D.TV is an SPC collaboration with !Mediengruppe Bitnik, OWN, Southspace, Goldsmiths, University of London, and Post Media Lab and presents an audiovisual management and publishing system re-presenting collective processes and media production of SPC subscribers in Deckspace media lab from the last decade. Until 2017 D.TV was an online audiovisual database primarily collecting media assets around the Deptford area, in South-East London (running under the name of Deptford.TV/Deckspace.TV).

Since September 2005 D.TV functioned as an open, collaborative platform that allowed artists, film-makers, researchers and participants of the local workshops in and around Deptford, and also beyond Deptford, to store, share, re-edit and redistribute their footage and projects. This raw material as well as edited media content is available on the D.TV database under an open content license such as the Free Art License, the Creative Commons SA-BY License, and the GNU General Public License.

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